Vines have been grown at Domaine de Grandmaison for a very long time. In fact, Louis the XV’s cartographer, Pierre de Belleyme, mentions it on an 18th century map, when it was named “Barreyre”.

Over the years, wine production was sometimes interrupted due to frost, phylloxera, etc., and some periods were given over to mixed farming. Grandmaison was also the country home of François Bouquier, who left his native Cantal region in the early 20th century and acquired the estate in 1939.

Starting in 1970, Jean (his son) and his wife Françoise reconstituted the vineyard and built the present-day vat room. Domaine de Grandmaison once again began to produce fine wine.

Their son François has been winemaker since 1988. He and his wife, Mayi, have managed the family estate since 1993, helped by their nephew, Rémi, as of 2014.